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TPPi Editorial Team

Nikolas Leontopoulos
Dimitris Bounias
Pavlos Zafiropoulos

Legally accountable person: Costas Efimeros
Contact: [email protected] 

The Press Project

Publisher – Costas Efimeros
Coordinator – Christoforos Kasdaglis
Reportage – Nikolas Leontopoulos
Analysis – Konstantinos Poulis, Heracles Bogdanos
Politics editor – Vasiliki Siouti
Foreign editor – Lamprini Thoma
Brussels correspondent – Christina Vassilaki
Culture – George Stylianou
Media – Dimitris Kanellopoulos
Head of newsroom – Sotiris Svanas
Editorial team – Myrto Aretaki, Irene Kosma
Contributors- Michalis Alimanis, Pantelis Panteloglou, Kostas Pastrimas
Development – Stella Ioannou

CMS platform: Byte ® by BitsnBytes

Contact: [email protected]
Telephone: +30 215 5303988

About TPP

Journalism, mind you, is not over. It's only beginning. To be precise, it’s rebooting: investigations, dissent, swift reflexes, independence from political parties / vested interests / governments, revelations, holding every power to account, credibility.

We are picking up the baton from where the old masters of the investigative journalism trade left it. From where they were forced to abandon it by media barons, steeped in crony capitalism, beholden to advertisers, over reliant on the easy money of a stock exchange bubble and later mired in debt and unreliability.

ThePressProject enters a new phase. It has successfully completed its first cycle of experimental intervention. Of course, we will keep on experimenting, but at a higher level, with more resources, better organization, professionalism and infrastructure, with more pluralism, but with the same devilish spirit of fun, humour and inventiveness.

With the prestige of good, old-fashioned newspapers. With the speed and the warm interaction of radio. With the power of moving image and sound documentation. With the freshness of glossy magazines. With the authority of an academic journal. With the rush of a collective. With the dynamism of the web, relieved from teething problems.

On top of that, new packaging: not just shiny wrapping but a modern technological environment that pools multiples layers of reading, documentation, alternative ways of access from varied devices, combinations of text and video, audio, dynamic infographics and multimedia. 

    » Special Reports
    » Daily news feed
    » Video interviews
    » Political analysis
    » Established columnists
    » Live coverage of events with constant updates
    » Documentation
    » Enhanced interaction
    » International collaborations
    » New architecture and aesthetics.

If it is not clear yet, we aspire, when we grow up, to become a transmedia news organization. For now, ThePressProject is being transformed into an umbrella under which we cohabit and are gestating all this. Consider yourself part of it – as of now, you're in the know.