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Press Review March 26: Milk, drugs and taxis


Taxi drivers to join dairy farmers and pharmacists in revolt over troika mandated reform bill; the Hellinikon site is to be chopped up and resold for profit following privatization; investors…

Press Review March 24


Valued at over 1.2 billion euros the site of the former airport at Hellinikon may be sold for much less (photo by airlines470 via Flickr); Greece ‘returns’ to Europe; European…

Press Review March 21 – Green shoots?


Innovative startup companies have seen remarkable growth during the crisis; the memorandum is on its way out while investors are returning; the HRADF is selling off prized public assets for…

Press Review March 20: One offer of 2 billion


The initial offer for the former airport site at Hellinikon reaches 2 billion; beneficiaries of the ‘social dividend’ will receive between 500 and 1000 euros; new legislation seeks to prevent…