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Puerto Rico: The Greece of the Caribbean?


When Puerto Rico’s debt crisis began to make world headlines around 2013 media coverage often referred to Puerto Rico as ‘the Greece of the Caribbean.” Certainly, there are both striking……

Person of the Year: Julian Assange


In the past, the people we’ve named Person of the Year have been newsmakers in Greece. Assange’s case marks an exception, which we’ll try to explain. But for us to…

Brexit to the Left


Claire Fox looks a lot younger than 60 years old. Full of energy and contagious passion, with upfront clear political views and smart as a whip, this activist ― member……

When Braveheart met with Marcos Botsaris


It sounds like a well known joke: an American and an Argentinian walk into the Greek War of Independence. How did this happen? CJ: I’m still asking myself that 10……