On board Mavi Marmara, our correspondent Aris Hatzistefanou, reports the latest news about the Freedom Flotilla night sail to Gaza. Israeli Naval Forces hope to catch the ships at night, in order to avoid the bad PR from a major media exposure -following the undoubtly ugly scenes that are going to take place, as they would try to arrest peace activists during a humanitarian mission to end an unjust siege.The organizers named such a high probable move, as an act of high seas piracy.

The members are doing night shifts, to prevent sabotage or a surprise attack on the Freedom Flotilla ships. German members of parliament had already board Mavi Marmara and the stakes are going really high. Passive resistance is the choosen course of action.

The Freedom Flotilla begin for the final stage at 15:58 with 6 ships and will reach its final destination tomorrow.