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Albania arresting refugees at its borders

Albanian police arrested seven Syrian refugees Saturday morning, near the border outpost of Kakavijë on the grounds that they entered the country illegally, according to an official statement

The Syrian refugees were caught by thermal cameras that have been installed by Albanian authorities in all possible passages along the Greek-Albanian border.

A 47-year old Albanian trafficker, who assisted the Syrians to cross in a mountainous area near Gjirokastra, 250 kilometers south of Tirana, for 300 euros each, was also arrested. He is charged with assistance to illegal border crossing, which is punishable by up to seven years' imprisonment.

Earlier this month, Albania started cooperating with Italy and European agencies to contain possible flow of migrants, though it hasn't been a transit route so far. Italy said it will hold joint military patrols with Albania on its borders with Greece.

The seven Syrian refugees were already pushed back to Greece from their point of entrance.

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