The Greek Prime Minister started by saying that the Greek government had also submitted a proposal that, while not being completely satisfactory, was meant to serve as a basis for further negotiations.  In the Greek proposal the government appeared willing to “give away” more than it wanted in order to demonstrate its true will to come to an agreement and a final solution for the Greek problem.  He also re-affirmed his position that the Greek proposal is the only realistic one and that any effort that is to be made in the future must also include a final solution regarding the matter of the Greek debt.
On the proposal presented to him by Mr. Juncker, the Prime Minister noted that it “…was a sad surprise.  I could have never imagined that they would submit a scheme that would completely ignore all the common ground that we covered in the Brussels Group.  That our effort for an honest and complete solution would be perceived as a sign of weakness.” 
According to Mr. Tsipras the suggestions that were presented by the institutions are unrealistic and they move the negotiations backwards.  He continued by stating that the Greek government cannot accept measures that would create a surplus to the country by emptying the pockets of its citizens.  “I hope…” he continued “…that this a bad negotiating trick which will be soon taken back by those who thought it.”
When asked if the negotiations are close to an end, the Prime Minister answered that a deal between Greece and its creditors is closer than ever because Greece has offered a very realistic deal and it will not be irreconcilable while negotiating.  He went on, however, to say that time is running out for all concerned parties., while clarifying that the decision to pay all the installments owed the IMF at the end of the month is not a sign that the government wishes to push towards a rupture.
Summing up, Mr. Tsipras concluded that his government will not give in to irrational demands and that in the end, the effort will succeed thus allowing the Greek people to live with dignity and prosperity.