“Before the Brexit, I’d say the EU’s will -and especially that of some countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands- was, at least on a bilateral level, to relocate at least 15.000 to 20.000 refugees. But after the Brexit, I cannot say how things will develop” Mr. Mouzalas was quoted as telling the paper Avgi in an interview published on Sunday.

He also said the ministry is initiating a short-term plan that includes closing down a significant number of informal camps by September. “The government’s plan is for these camps to be transformed and for refugees and migrants to be distributed equally throughout Greece, near large cities, in camps and apartments with less than 1.000 people by region, so as to avoid creating ghettos and to start a process of gradual integration, for as long as they remain in the country” he said.

Meanwhile, a total of 97 refugees and migrants have entered Greece by sea over the past 24 hours, reports said Monday. The majority of them, 43 individuals, arrived on the Aegean island of Samos.

A total of 6.641 people are currently stranded on the northern Aegean islands, according to official figures.