The under-aged refugees have been complaining for several days now on the fact that they have been kept in the camp for some months, as well as the conditions of the Moria camp. Today, they escalated their actions when they seized control of the P.A. system and were shouting “freedom freedom”, while asking for support.

There have been accusations that the police hit an underage protestor yet what information there is at the moment is inconclusive.  It is certainly worth noting that protests and minor incidents have been reported to happen in the past yet today's  protests were certainly the most aggressive.

A shipping container was set to fire inside the camp and the refugees started throwing stones against the riot police; it was then that the police deployed what is reported as “copious” amounts of tear-gas. When other fires broke, the police and those working in the camp left it while police does not allow helpers and volunteers to enter the premises.

The riot police have been attempting to enter the camp through the back, yet the refugees resist by stone throwing. Firefighters are also attempting to put the fires out.

The latest news and reports claim that, for the time, the clashes have stoped and the situation is slowly defusing.