According to the official schedule, negotiations will start at 14.30 pm (local time) on the new privatization fund, focusing on the staffing of the supervisory council of the Fund that will be formed by three representatives of the Greek side and two representatives of the institutions. Negotiations on combating corruption are scheduled to start at 15:30.
Greek authorities and the institutions, now known as the “quartet”, will also focus on the disbursement of the 2.8 billion euros sub-tranche depending on the implementation of the rest of the 15 prior actions pending from the first review of the Greek bailout program.
According to sources, the Ministry of Finance is working on a bill that aims to support and encourage electronic payments as a means of addressing corruption and tax evasion. The Ministry and institutions will also examine a bill on the voluntary declaration of undeclared funds.
The Greek government is expected to complete the prior actions until the end of September, the latest by mid October so that the second review of the Greek program can begin. Any debt talks with the creditors will start after that.