Among the laws to be discussed is the opportunity given to funds to buy commercial non performing loans (NPL's) and proceed legally in order to secure the money owed. This is considered a questionable law as many fear that it might open the path for the sale of private NPLs as well, thus bringing citizens against powerful, unscrupulous, organizations. The subject is not only crucial but sentimentally charged as well and this became evident today when the opposing parties chose to criticize the government in this particular piece of legislation.

Besides the opposition, the Syriza/Anel governing coalition faces difficult times as many of the, formerly anti-bailout, MP's who support it are now realizing that they are forced to vote measures which are not only in complete accordance with the dictates of the institutions (formerly Troika), but are fully neo-liberal in their very essence. The moral turmoil is not expected to be seen in the voting today. The government is expected to pass the bill with 153 out of 300 votes, a number which reflects the, small, size of the government's majority.

The government claims that the passing of the bill will release a 1bn euro sub-tranche in accordance with the new, third bailout deal, that was signed between the Eurozone and Greece on July 2015.