By Markus Stolz /

Ever since my family and I relocated to Germany 18 months ago, my life has been out of balance. It has taken a lot of energy and effort for my children to get settled into their new home, and indeed into the different way of life. I tried to walk the tightrope by keeping up my ties in Greece, while, at the same time, supporting my family here in Germany. Instead of combining the best of both worlds, I have come to realise that I have not lived for real in either.

I will be moving back to Greece within the next three months, despite the economic uncertainties that clearly have never been more intense than right now. It might seem ironic that a German choses Greece over Germany, but I feel that I am German only by citizenship, not by heart. Those who know me well are aware of just how much I respect and support the Greek cause.

Indeed I feel proud to be moving back to a country where society has triggered the start of far reaching, possibly seismic changes. Whatever the outcome of the Greek stand-off with the Euro zone might be, the Greek society will be forever characterized for what they have set in motion.

This post was first published in Markus Stolz's website 'Elloinos' and is republished here with permission by its author.