If there is one country that should receive European funding for hosting refugees, it is Greece, Matteo Renzi argued on Thursday in an interview. He added that anyone who sees the images from Idomeni makeshift camp should be ashamed of their humanity. Based on the number of refugees currently accommodated Greece should be supported by the European Union, Renzi said.

The Italian PM was also cautious about the EU-Turkey deal on the refugee/migrant crisis, after the resignation of Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu. Commenting on the situation Mr. Renzi admitted that the agreement has had some effect, since the flow of migrants and refugees has objectively decreased but it remains to be seen whether Turkey will honor the agreement after Davutoglu’s exit.

Finally, Mr. Renzi explained the Europe must not waste funding on programs that have proven to be unuseful and further elaborated that funding should be provided to African counties such as Ghana and Niger.

Meanwhile, Madrid is preparing to receive unaccompanied minors who are currently waiting in refugee camps in Athens, the mayor of the city Manuela Carmena announced on Thursday.