The president of the E.C. clarified yesterday from Germany that he expects a new set of proposals from the Greek government if there is to be a continuation of the negotiations between Greece and its creditors.  In the same note, the president’s spokesman stated that unless the Greek government comes up with an alternative plan, meaningful discussions may not resume.
The Greek Government Seeks Calm
According to sources from the Greek government  “In the next few days we will intensify our efforts in order to find solutions on the points where there are differences.” 
In the Monday briefing the Greek spokesman stated that the government aims at a solution rather than a rupture with the Europeans until the “…30 of June when the current rescues plan officially comes to an end.  Still it would be better if no time limits where set but the ones that already exist.
Meeting between Varoufakis and Schaueble
While exiting from his meeting with his German counterpart, the Greek Minister of Finance asked for the elected leaders of Europe to respond to their responsibility towards the future of the Eurozone and to work towards a solution, which is essential in order to secure the unity of the EU.
“We share a common understanding of the problem and our effort is to achieve a mutually designed and agreed way out from the dead end that we have reached during the last years.  I believe that today’s meeting will be particularly helpful towards the strengthening of the procedures that have been going on during the past days and weeks until we reach a final agreements,” said Mr. Varoufakis.
Bloomberg: The G7 Push for an Agreement
In Brussels, talks between Greece and its creditors restart today and the week ahead is expected to be full of diplomatic activity.  According to Bloomberg the G7 leaders have increased the pressure towards an end of the standstill since they want to avoid further economic costs.
“It would be no tragedy for us, if Greece were to abandon the Euro.”
While talking to RTL, the French Finance minister Michel Sapin explained that he doesn’t believe that a Grexit would be extremely grave for the French economy.  At the same time he warned that this would be “the worst destruction” for the Greeks.
Merkel Wants to Help Tsipras
Frankfurter Allgemeine claims that Mrs. A.Merkel wants to help A. Tsipras.  Besides all their differences, Mrs. Merkel understands that the Greek PM faces an extremely difficult task and holds a much pore positive stance towards him than most of her compatriots; even from her government’s Minister of Finance; V. Schaueble.
Meeting Between Tsipras-Merkel-Hollande
It seems that the whole situation will become clearer after the meeting between the leaders of Greece, Germany and France on Wednesday, in Brussels.  In the meantime, talks between the technical groups and the Greek negotiators are still going on and they might lead to more talks and new suggestions towards a deal.