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Live English-language coverage of Greek elections by ThePressProject

Tomorrow Greece goes to the polls in national elections. On the heels of New Democracy’s clear victory in May’s European elections, the party’s success tomorrow seems all but certain. The major question at this point is whether New Democracy will win enough seats to form its own government or, depending on how smaller parties do, a coalition will have to be formed or entirely new elections called.
Live English-language coverage of Greek elections by ThePressProject
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras delivers a keynote speech during a pre-election rally in Thessaloniki, Greece on July 4, 2019.

The international edition of ThePressProject will feature live coverage of tomorrow’s events with an English-language newsfeed, along the lines of what we provided around the time of the Greferendum in the summer of 2015. The feed will feature original analysis and English translations of up-to-the-minute Greek headlines and will serve as an aggregator of coverage by the foreign press. From candidates’ statements to exit polls, from announcements of results to the immediate aftermath on Monday, we’ll be here providing live, independent, and open-access coverage.


There are three smaller parties we plan to keep an especially close eye on:


  1. Greek Solution, a relatively new party founded (in 2016) by Kyriakos Velopoulos. Greek Solution may well garner the votes it needs to secure seats in Parliament. Velopoulos began his career has a television presenter, but is also known for involvement in a scandal concerning the sale of documents purporting to be handwritten letters of Jesus. 
  2. Golden Dawn, which fared worse than it had expected in European elections. It is unclear if tomorrow’s national elections will also reflect diminished support for this ultra-right wing party.  
  3. MeRA25, the party of Yanis Varoufakis, who came just a few dozen votes short of winning a seat in European parliament in the May European elections. His party nevertheless made a strong enough showing to ensure that it will become a major player in the Greek political landscape in the aftermath of tomorrow’s elections. 


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