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Marielle Franco’s murder is, who’d say, connected to president Bolsonaro

Marielle Franco’s murder is, who’d say, connected to president Bolsonaro

It has always been a safe bet that Marielle Franco was killed not only because she was black, poor and lesbian, but because she was fighting against them, and was an easier target than her colleague Marcelo Freixo (who was indirectly depicted in that movie).

Everybody in Rio knew that.

The dots weren’t connected before because the investigators repeatedly said that they wanted to collect all possible strong evidences that would certainly indict the killers, because “there are big, powerful names involved”. News about the investigation were coincidently held until Bolsonaro was elected president, and his sons also got Legislative positions.

What else do we need to remove these people from the government?

But then there’s the military and the vice-president, general Mourão. According to the Brazilian constitution, if the president is impeached during his first two years of government, the vice-president takes his place. If the whole ticket is indicted, new elections are called. However, he can only be impeached for crimes committed during his mandate.

However again, none of this barred the Supreme Court to indict presidents for whatever reason they managed to justify (such as in the case of Fernando Collor and Dilma Rousseff). This is the time when the political, military and economic éminences grises make the calculations to see what’s best for them.

And my last question: where’s the international press in all this?

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