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Moria, Lesvos Camp Set on Fire during Violent Clashes

At least a dozen refugees and migrants were reportedly injured during clashes that broke out between rival groups of Afghans and Pakistanis in the early hours of Thursday. A large section of the refugee and migrant center was destroyed by fire

Three people were transferred to a local hospital, while many more were treated on site by nongovernmental organizations’ medical staff.
The camp was evacuated until the fire was put out. Hundreds of refugees and migrants spent the night at nearby areas. The fire destroyed the northeast part of the camp, where migrants from Pakistan and Nepal are staying. The facilities of the UNHCR located in that section of the camp burned down along with many tents.

The scuffles began at around 11 p.m. According to migrant witnesses, a violent fight between Afghan and Pakistani nationals using knives and iron bars started on Wednesday and escalated in migrants setting the camp on fire. Reports alleged that Pakistani migrants accused Afghans of attempting to take control of the camp, while Afghans alleged that Pakistanis were stealing food supplies as well as sexually harassing children and women in the toilettes and bathroom areas located in the camp.
There were nearly 3.000 people in the Moria camp ahead of the clash, most of them asylum applicants waiting for their applications to be processed, hoping to avoid deportation to Turkey under an EU deal that went into effect in March.
The spokesman of the UN refugee agency's mission to the island, Boris Cheshirkov, confirmed the incident but said the situation was “back to normal” on Thursday.

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