According to reports, children refugees from Syria were assaulted by children refugees from Afghanistan, who in turn claim that they were being blackmailed by larger ethnic groups at the hotspot, such as Iraqis.
The gates were broken during the clashes and one hut was destroyed. The incident ended at about 4am in the morning after the intervention of riot police. Some 40 children are believed to have left the hotspot during that time. Police is currently trying to locate them and a head count is scheduled to be carried out during the day to determine how many children are missing.
Nearly 5.000 migrants and refugees are currently sheltered on the island of Lesvos in dire conditions. Local authorities are demanding immediate government action to decongest overcrowded migrant facilities.
Meanwhile, according to the Refugee Crisis Management Coordination Body's figures, 59.569 identified refugees and migrants were on the Greek territory as of Monday while 110 new arrivals were reported in the last 24 hours.