Over 100 people, who were inside the buildings at the time of the police operation, have been detained. The now-defunct Megas Alexandros orphanage in the Ano Toumba neighborhood is owned by the Church, the Mandalideio mansion on the coastal Nikis Avenue is owned by the University of Thessaloniki, while the last one is a privately-owned eight-story building in the city center. Before police operations there have been law suits by the owners.
The Church has also given orders to knock down today its building, therefore, refugees and the people who supported them had no time to remove personal belongings, equipment, clothing and medicine, which is intended for refugees and migrants.
In response anarchists have occupied the central offices of SYRIZA in Thessaloniki and have called for everyone detained to be released by noon. They have also called for the orphanage building to not be knocked down, to give them time to empty the space.

The political party SYRIZA, which is now in power and actually has an acting government, has issued a statement against police operations.