Infighting for SYRIZA over a return to the drachma and MEP candidates

The Tsipras – Lafazanis conflict intensifies 38 days before the elections

The opposition is split over referendum proposals: one ‘ala Papandreou’ backed by Tsipras supporters and one over socialism ‘ala Chavez’ backed by the more radical Left Platform.

Fighting words and threats of score settling at an emergency conference.

In an interview with a Swedish newspaper Tsipras proposed a ‘memorandum’ budget and admitted that in practice it will be difficult to raise the minimum wage of 586 euros / month.

Our position: How will he negotiate with Merkel when he can’t succeed with Lafazanis?


Scenes of shame for Greek football

Cup match descends into mayhem

Shameful scenes with unprecedented levels of hate and violence unfolded in the derby between PAOK and Olympiakos (1-0) in a match that resembled a war, a game which shouldn’t have even begun but was completed thanks to the unjustifiable tolerance of referee Stavros Mandalos with PAOK qualifying for the Cup final.


Dark games before the polls

Magistrates to parliament: there is a risk imprisoned Golden Dawn MPs will be released

It appears that the appellate special magistrates handling the case of the criminal organisation were put on a war footing as reports emerged that the Prime Minister’s office is planning to postpone the vote for the suspension of the parliamentary immunity of Golden Dawn MPs facing a host of criminal charges until after the elections. Ioanna Klapa and Maria Dimitropoulou in their missive towards Parliament noted that in the event that the procedures are further delayed the release of some of the accused cannot be ruled out before the end of the trial. After the contentious letter was sent, sources close to the President of Parliament leaked the fact that the judiciary may summon 5 MPs whose immunity has already been suspended, while the procedure for the remaining MPs will be accelerated.




The Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) predicts growth by the end of 2014

Return to growth is dependent on reforms

IOBE is predicting growth by the end of 2014 and a reduction in unemployment. Reforms are a prerequisite. Regarding the development model of the next decade is must be based on fiscal stability and the reforms. 


Tricks with the social dividend

After trumpeting the surplus they are now slashing benefits

The government is setting up traps in the means testing for the social dividend in order to restrict the number of citizens who qualify to receive payments [the ‘social dividend’ to be disbursed to poorer citizens in a one-off payment is a total of about 500 million euros and stems from the higher than predicted primary budget surplus achieved in 2013]. Income levels will be calculated not only on the basis of the real income citizens receive and declare on their tax forms but also on the basis of ‘implied income’, calculated according to the ‘objective living expenditures’ and the ‘expenditures to obtain assets’.

This is expected to shut out low-wage workers and low income pensioners if they live in rented accomodation and own a vehicle!