The 5th of May, a milestone for the debt

The government expects our European Partners to express their will for a debt restructuring. The Eurogroup meeting of the 5th of May should produce a formal announcement of it. The primary surplus of €3.4bln will be a strong negotiation tool towards that end.

  • Eurostat will be formally announcing a primary surplus of €3,4bln tomorrow
  • Back-channeling with Brussels and Berlin to determine the most probable scenarios


From the elation of Christ’s Resurrection to the cruelty of explosives

A little girl, so innocent in her young years, is holding a basket of Easter eggs in Donetsk, Ukraine, ignorant of what is going on in her homeland. There was bloodshed in Greece too, however, from the use of fireworks


A big mess for the ‘social dividend’

Internet on fire because of hundreds of thousands of applications.
Two applicants out of three are rejected.
Tomorrow Eurostat issues its final decision on Greece’s primary surplus.
Full speed to the Third Memorandum.
This is madness: The unemployed who are homeless are not even allowed to apply


Lay-offs to become permanent in the public sector

The new memorandum that is on its way will leave nothing standing in the public sector. It will provide for a permanent mechanism of layoffs even after 2015, an abolition for special wages regime and the freeze for spending on pensions and healthcare. Employees for rent will be allowed.


The Greek EU presidency: A champion of decisions

The Greek Presidency of the EU is expected to break the record of decisions taken as in the first three months of the year, halfway through its tenure, it has issued 70 decisions close to the average number of past presidencies for all the semester (80-85 decisions). The Greek presidency has mostly focused on CORE – PER 1, a legislative work that covers all technical issues that affect the European citizens’ everyday life.