The first message from Berlin:

Immediately following the swearing-in of the new German government, labour minister Andrea Nahles speaks to Ta Nea  

‘We will show solidarity with the country’s in the south that are suffering with high unemployment’

Labour minister Andrea Nahles has sent the first message of solidarity from the new administration in Berlin to the european south. The minister belongs to the Social Democrat party and talked about the need to combat unemployment.


Fear of an ‘Accident’

A four-day battle in parliament over submarines, property tax, home auctions

Samaras and Venizelos crawl to parliament over home auctions following the backlash and the position taken by President of the Republic over the attempt to use a simple Legislative Act to enact a partial lifting of the ban. Coalition MPs facing a dilemma: to vote against or be discredited?

The New Democracy – PASOK coalition government is facing a major test today and over the next four days both of the relationship between the parties and the limit of its parliamentary majority. Today parliament will debate a proposal by Syriza to establish an investigative committee over the scandalous case of the submarines that are currently rusting in the Scaramanga shipyards, with Antonis Samaras and ND MPs called to decide whether they will cover for their partner in government or call for light to be shined on the ‘scandal,’ as they have called it, of the submarines.

On Thursday and Friday parliament will debate the property tax which, from a temporary measure, is becoming a permanent one. On Thursday legislation that will permit auctions of foreclosed homes will be submitted to parliament which will be debated as an ‘urgent’ measure, on Friday by the Committee and on Saturday in a plenary session. The government was forced to go to parliament over the measure, extending its work-load by a day, after the furore that was caused by its original plan to pass the measure as a Legislative Act as well as the unwillingness of the President of the Republic to be seen as an ally in that approach. 




And yet! Multiple offender Michalis Liapis was a minister!



Former minister Michalis Liapis, who was distanced from his cousin Kostas Karamanlis’s government just in time to avoid the Siemens scandal blowing up on the family’s front porch, was caught yesterday with forged licence plates on his car. Displaying the moral integrity of an entire political system under collapse, he stated that he was a pensioner and a victim of the crisis! Cheap excuses and lies from a representative of a system that has failed overwhelmingly and who was caught red-handed! This is precisely the sort of behaviour generally displayed by representatives of the system who talk of ‘success stories’ and ‘growth’ at a time when the country, due to their failings, is collapsing.



Hunters kill a bear and her cub. Horror in a forested region near the Greek-Albanian border in Polianemo, Kastoria.







Auditing Council to be created over private debt: Measure regarding home repossession ban to be placed before parliament tomorrow

According to information obtained by ‘Naftemporiki’ an upper governmental committee to oversee and deal with the issue of private debts is to be established by legislation enacting a partial lifting of the ban on auctions of foreclosed homes due to be placed before parliament tomorrow. The draft legislation, which also may extend the reduced 13% VAT level on restaurants, will be presented on Friday to the relevant parliamentary committee in order for it to be voted on in a plenary session on Saturday. The government, in its attempts to handle the issue of excessive debts, has decided to create a national body called the National Council for Private Debts and will be tasked with monitoring private debt levels and specifically mortgage, business and consumer loans. Justice, finance, development and labour ministers will participate.