EU baton passed to Greece

“It will be a presidency of hope with more and better Europe,” prime minister Antonis Samaras said referring to Greece’s EU presidency on his arrival in Brussels.

Mr Samaras will today present Greece’s preparations for the presidency while a main item on the agenda of the summit will be European defense and security. During yesterday’s dinner the European leaders discussed economic and banking unification.


Deep Throat over bribes

  • Over two billion in black bags
  • 8 new names identified by the accused Antonis Kantas

Over 2 billion euros in black suitcases were transferred in total for bribes over defense procurement programs paid for dearly by the Greek taxpayer. That is the estimation of magistrates investigating the Defense Ministry contracts.

During his testimony – which will continue for a fourth day – Mr Kantas, deputy director of procurement under defense ministers Akis Tsochatzopoulos and Giannos Papantoniou, revealed names and the route the dirty money took as it disappeared through a network of offshore companies in tax havens.

Before magistrates he said, “Given that I was being paid off, I find it unlikely that those above and below me were not being paid off as well.”




76% of pensioners are below the poverty line

1,100,000 pensioners receive between 250 – 600 euros

Yet the Labour Ministry is re-examining the issuance of benefit payments and is preparing to give EKAS payments (Solidarity Subsidy for Pensioners) of 50-230 euros a month only to those over 65.


Liapis: an exotic vacation to ‘recharge his batteries’

[Michalis Liapis had claimed that the reason he was driving his uninsured jeep with forged license plates was only to recharge its batteries]

Michalis’s disgrace continues as he snubs the courts. The former minister didn’t attend his hearing, instead preferring to take a trip to Asia.


Grandmother saves grandchild’s life

Dimitra Tsigara gave the gift of life to her 16 month old grandson. She was the compatible liver donor for the infant who was born with a rare condition. The liver transplant was the only way for the child to be able to lead a normal life.