No End to Barbarism

  • Images from Ukraine bring back memories of the WWII horror.
  • Snipers murder people in cold blood.
  • Obama blasts Putin and the EU puts presure on Yanucovich.
  • Independence square turned into ‘square of the dead’.


Once impossible to find, Tamiflu now given away

The flu vaccine that we had ordered it by the boatload is now sitting in warehouses. And even though four years ago it was almost impossible to find a sample, today the batches that expire in 2016 are given away for free.


Golden dawn is erasing its tracks

Websites being taken down for fear of the prosecutors
As the prosecutors are pursuing lift of immunity for all GD deputies with charges of leading a criminal gang, the nazis are trying to take down webpages where they revere Hitler. EF.SYN. is revealing all the redacted material, that is now accessible only by party members.



Big banks pass stress tests

  • They successfully completed Blackrock’s gauntlet.
  • Capital needs for the four systemic banks calculated at 4 billion.
  • Piraeus and Alpha found pristine.
  • BoG briefed managements for the results
  • Results to be announced on Feb 28. An important loose end is tied.


Deal between Gazprom – Natural Gas Public Corporation (DEPA)

  • Retroactively from June 2013
  • 15% discount in natural gas prices
  • What it means for businesses and households.

Russian provider Gazprom and Greek Natural Gas Public Corporation DEPA are bound to announce a deal for a price discount – and a retroactive one at that – even today. According to sources, the to-be-announced starting price will be €400/1000 cubic meters, down from €470 today.