Thanks, suckers…

An incredible free-for-all over millions of euros from the submarine and Hellenic Postbank scandals.


  • A German court estimates that €85 million in bribes were given for the submarines.
  • The contract with Contominas over the credit cards cost the Hellenic Postbank €125 million.
  • Emmanouil appears to have received €17 million to give out bribes.
  • He had given €2.5 million to Beltsios to get the unions on board. 

​An unbelievable free-for-all was established by unscrupulous leeches who pocketed many millions of euros worth of public money at the expense of the taxpayer. The court investigations of the Hellenic Postbank scandal and the purchase of submarines [by the MoD], have brought to light the dizzying sums which were doled out either as bribes or as unsecured crony loans.

Two new arrests (Emmanouil, Beltsios) over the submarine scandal were made yesterday. They are accused of criminal actions and appear to have transferred large sums for the bribes. Regarding the Hellenic Postbank scandal, today the business and media tycoon Dimitrios Contominas will testify who, aside from accepting unsecured loans, is accused of participating in an illegal contract which is said to have cost the savings bank €125 million.


The European Parliament slams the Troika’s decisions

Actions led to an explosion in unemployment, lack of transparency, blind spending cuts.

Olli Rehn, Jean-Claude Trichet and Klaus Regling called to testify before committee

A lack of transparency, circumvention of the Lisbon Treaty’s policies for growth and blind cuts in social welfare spending and benefits which collectively pushed into poverty segments of the populations of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain and caused an explosion in youth unemployment are some of the criticisms levelled at the troika in draft legislation introduced by two MEPs in the European Parliament. The investigation of the troika’s role is moving into a new phase this week. Late last night the Vice-President of the Commission Olli Rehn testified before the committee, today former President of the ECB Jean-Claude Trichet will testify and tomorrow the head of the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), Klaus Regling. The focus of the committee will be the fact that reductions in the deficits of the countries subjected to the programme have not solved their debt problem.






Court rejection of memorandum labour laws

The recent decision of the Single-Member Court of Appeal in Evia amounts to a slap in the face for the first two ‘memorandum laws’ passed in 2010. According to the decision it ‘constitutes an illegal single-party breach of contract’ for an employee in full-time employment to be made a part-time worker and it is acknowledged that when one-party imposes part time work of one day a week on a single worker in full-time employment under the anti-labour memorandum legislation, it constitutes an illegal single-party breach of the employment contract and is therefore considered a dismissal for which severance payments must be paid as determined by the number of years the worker has been employed.




The food scandal

Inflation is negative but prices continue to rise!

Consumers remain hostage to high prices on supermarket shelves: despite the fact that the Greek economy is experiencing the highest levels of deflation in 50 years, the prices of the majority of basic food products remain inexcusably high. 


Andrikos [Papandreou’s] audacity over the CDSs!

  • He has taken the baton from his brother [former PM George Papandreou] and, fearing new revelations, is now distorting reality and attacking former PM Kostas Karamanlis!
  • He hasn’t said a word about his close cooperation regarding ‘Green Growth’ with the wanted (over the Hellenic Postbank Scandal) businessman Kyriakos Griveas.