Stournaras confession: The country lost 25% of its GDP!

The unravelling of the country’s social fabric by Memorandum austerity policies over the past four years are laid out in FInance Minister Giannis Stournaras responses to a questionnaire from the European Parliament. The country’s GDP shrank by 25% while households lost 35% of their income.



5th of May the date for the new debt deal

It is believed that the 5th of May will prove to be a major milestone for Greece, it being the date of the first Eurogroup meeting following the announcement by the European Statistical Service that Greece has achieved a primary budget surplus. During the meeting European finance ministers are expected to decide on restructuring for Greece’s debt in order to make it sustainable.



“We had also caught Giannos Papantoniou”:

A nine year cover-up of culpability – Interview with New Democracy MP Giannis Tragakis

“E” sheds light on the hidden secrets over procurements and the bribery free-for-all 


  • 92 pages worth of crucial documents went missing somewhere between Russian authorities, the Greek embassy in Moscow and the Greek Parliament.
  • Panos Efstathiou remembers the bribes given to military officials but ‘forgets’ his dealings with politicians.
  • We reveal the ruling of a Russian court that describes the tricks used for the disbursement of 25 million euros worth of bribes. 


Draconian security measures for Greek EU presidency

Snipers and trained dogs at Zappeion 



Blackrock report will be key

It is expected that the results of Blackrock 2 will be published towards the end of the third week of January, and will largely determine the outcomes regarding the two main outstanding issues on the banking agenda for the first month of 2014: Eurobank’s capital increase and the changes in the framework for recapitalisations regarding warrants. And this because the height of necessary recapitalisations is a crucial parameter in the Finance Ministry’s planning and involves the use of funds from the HFSF (Hellenic Financial Stability Fund) to cover funding gaps.