War Crimes

Israel is bombing unarmed civilians in densely inhabited areas of Gaza

The international media should withdraw from the area Israeli PM Netanyahu determines

Israel is drowning in the blood of the unarmed in the Gaza strip. Only yesterday in the Sujaya suburb 65 people were killed by the bombings, with over half of the victims small children, women or elderly. The Arab League and Palestinian government has accused the Israeli government of war crimes. Frantic residents are desperately trying to save themselves while over 60,000 are already in UN shelters.

ETHNOS (Sunday)

Prisoners of the tax office

4,000 orders a day for seizures

Desperate citizens: Over 2.5 million have outstanding debts worth €67.25 billion

Households and business are at a financial dead-end, not only unable to pay their debts but are frozen out of debt restructuring schemes.

Society of Fear…

125,000 citizens are at the mercy of the courts

…and insanity

Three encyclicals a day and 10 tax laws have been issued over the past four years.


7 billion euros in investments in tourism

Six new tourism projects for luxury units are on the ‘fast track’

Initiatives in the Aegean, Ionian and Peloponnese

Our country has been attracting ‘5 star’ investments over the past two years in the area of tourism, given that the Greek tourism industry has become the most attractive sector for the implementation of major investment programs. Aside from the investment plans of Greek and foreign investment groups that are underway and foresee tourism investments throughout Greece worth 5 billion euros, at Enterprise Greece a dialogue has begun with investors to begin 6 tourism projects under the ‘fast-track’ planning procedure worth a total of 2.2 billion euros. Investors are focussing their business initiatives in the Ionian, Aegean and Peloponnese, and the creation of composite tourism villages-resorts and luxury boutique hotels, as was revealed to ‘N’ by the CEO of E.G. Stefanos Isaisas. 


New reductions in pensions

1,146,089 claimants will lose from €34 to €325 per month with the new system of withholding tax and the emergency solidarity contribution (for the first time) from August.


Merkel despises us

Revealed: What she had said at a dinner in London with Sarkozy and the former PM of Qatar

“You need to grab the Greeks by the hair, push them underwater and just before they drown, let them take a breath. And then again…” The German Chancellor is a copy of Hitler.