Civil Partnerships For All
It is expected that the right to establish civil partnerships will be extended to same-sex couples with an amendment to the antiracist draft law. The legislative move is being attempted only days after Greece’s condemnation by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which decided that barring homosexual couples from establishing civil unions violates the European Convention on Human Rights. 


Drug War:

– Why an intense dispute has erupted over medicines

The dispute is is reaching its climax as each side trades accusations of «serving interests» a few hours before the vote on the pharmaceutical amendment.

Alexis Tsipras, picking up the glove thrown down by the government, asked the Prime Minister to retract the amendment and asked the Health Minister to apologise for his statements regarding drug company advertising on SYRIZA’s radio station.

“The vote on the amendment will proceed normally” was the Prime Minister’s office’s response, having the support of PASOK and DIMAR. The amendment will entail price changes for medicines. There is also a danger of drug shortages.



The Troika’s Plan For Mass Lay-Offs

The Changes for Businesses, Banks and Public Companies (DEKO)

–        Ministerial Approval will no longer be required for when staff reductions exceed 5% per month

–        For the first time there will be the possibility of severence pay and unemployment benefits being given through European Structural Funds for those who lose jobs through closures.



Pensions Relative to Wealth

A team of IMF technical experts has submitted a proposal to the Labour Ministry suggesting that Greece adopt the Australian model for pensions. According to this, pensions are cut for pensioners with other sources of income and/or savings and property.



Private consultants for 1,300 lay-offs in 14 public companies

With the Transport Ministry’s decision to hire a private consultancy to conduct evaluations, the countdown began for 13,000 employees at 14 public companies and organisations (DEKO). It is expected that there will be about 1,300 job losses, and that after a period of mergers only two or three construction companies will remain.