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C.Lapavitsas presents the «Programme for Social and National Rescue for Greece»

As promised, this is the «Plan B», a complete set of actions the Greek state should do in order to exit the Eurozone. By K.Lapavitsas and H.Flassbeck

“Programme of Social and National Rescue for Greece” by K.Lapavitsas and H.Flassbeck had already been completed since May, long before the capital controls were imposed in Greece. The two writers had already published their book “Against the Troika”-a preform of the Plan- by January 2015.

In TPP, we believe that, besides the election result, the Greek citizens have no clear knowledge of all the aspects concerning the return to our national currency. Additionally, since major European officials keep reminding that a Grexit is not yet out of the question, we believe that it is our duty and we are proud to help our readers revisit the discussion if only to gain a better understanding.

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