Mr.Kiritsis estimated that the entire camp will have been evacuated within the next 10 days. He clarified that this is not a brutal police evacuation but, rather, a smooth operation aiming to help the refugees relocate in a civilized non violent manner. “This is not a primarily police, or police centred, operation” were the words of Kiristis.

It has been reported that squads of riot police have been assembling close to the camp but the authorities assure that their work will only be to aid and facilitate.

The representative stated that the refugees will be mostly relocated to Thessaloniki where 6 ex-industrial spaces have been altered in order to host 6500-7000 people.
Mr.Kiritsis explained that the next step is to “spread the refugee population across various areas all over the country while their relocation to other EU countries will proceed. The most recent Commission report states that (the procedure) has not been developing with the appropriate pace and it should be accelerated”.