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Tsipras Against Opposition and the Media System

In his effort to pull his MP΄s closer to the government, and to secure their support in the upcoming bills, A.Tsipras attacked the main opposition party of ND and the mainstream media. At the same time he noted that the government continues onward according to plan; negating any scenarios of a short-lived left government or a grand coalition.

Addressing the Syriza MPs, Tsipras stated that if our political system suffers from a crisis or instability, this is not due to those MPs who are in this room but to others.

«Syriza won three crucial elections and a referendum. And we won with everyone against us». «And after all that, (Syriza) is the only, unquestionable (political) sector». So if we are now facing political instability, this is due to the other side, the opposition, the crippled right, he claimed. It is also due to a destabilized media system which is dying.

In an attempt to deny any grand coalition suspicions, the PM assured that «we will not only withstand, we will also achieve our goals».

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