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Varoufakis: The Double Purpose of Τhese Elections

In a statement given to ThePressProject, the former Minister of Finance, Yianis Varoufakis explains that there are two reasons why the government decided to go to elections:

«The Sunday elections serve a double purpose:

-First to nullify the brave NO which 62% of the Greek population (under media fear-mongering and closed banks-capital controls) said to dead end, humiliating and irrational bailout programs and memoranda.

-Second, the 'legalization' of the capitulation that followed the signing of the dead end, humiliating and irrational 3rd memorandum.

The 3rd bailout program is absolutely non-viable and, even worse, it deprives the Greek government (no matter how well-meaning it might be) of any tools in order to break the ties with the oligarchs and the self sustaining crisis (i.e. aiming for 3,5% GNP surplus until 2018 and onwards, closure of the Greek Financial Crime Agency and creation of a new agency which will be under the control of the Troika, the creation of a registry for public assets which will be under the control of the Euro Working Group, and a special note of understanding that will pass in the Greek Parliament mentioning that the government must agree with the institutions before taking any measures while the institutions do not have to do the same etc.)

For those reasons it is important that we support parties which (with the exception of the misanthropic and pseudo anti-systemic Golden Dawn) reject the rationale that claims that  the only way for Greece in Europe is via the «optimum» realization of the 3rd bailout program.   Given that the leadership of Syriza has accepted the T.I.N.A. (There Is No Alternative) dogma which has been used since 2010 as the reason for the acceptance of all the bailout programs and memoranda; those of us who consider that dogma completely fallacious (as well as its continuation for the sixth year destructive for the country and the society) are left with the following choices: The Communist Party of Greece (KKE), The Popular Unity (LAE), or parties which have no hope in entering the parliament».

Mr.Varoufakis ends his statement by saying that he will vote LAE and, in particular he will be supporting two candidates who he has seen to be hard working and morally impeccable; N.Valavani and K.Isihos. 

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