The campaign will feature multiple TV and radio commercials produced with voluntary contributions from about 250 professionals from film, TV, theater and radio. The first video features a group of friend at a seaside cafe: was launched in June 2012 in response to troika-mandated moves to privatize the state-controlled companies that manage water in Greece. The initiative, which is not tied to any particular political party, has found common cause with a general push throughout Europe to keep or return control of water to public bodies.

According to the initiative’s website the new campaign is, “timed to coincide the presentation of nearly 2 million signatures of the first historically successful European Citizens’ Initiative right2water,  where the citizens ask the EC to legislate the right to access to water and sanitation adopted at the UN in 2010 and to protect the resource from liberalization.”

“Although the trend in Europe is the return of water supply companies management to the hands of municipalities, once again with a twenty year delay the Greek state is being ‘modernised’ towards policies of the past.”

About SaveGreekWater (from the initiative's website):

SAVEGREEKWATER is a Greek citizens’ initiative that opposes corporate privatization of our water resources and its distribution. Clean affordable water is a human right and must remain a public commons.

Our initiative wants to inform all concerned on the implications of allowing corporations to comodify and profit from our limited water resources. The privatization of water is first a question of democracy. If we cannot control our supply of water do we really control anything at all?

Our campaign wants to use this opportunity to sensitize the public on the larger issue of careful water management for private and agricultural use. Join the SAVE GREEK WATER initiative against water privatization. Help shape the future of our country.

And here is a short film posted a year ago about the moves to privatize Greek water:

Θέλουν να πουλήσουν το νερό; Stop water privatisation in the EU from Yiannis Biliris on Vimeo.