Statement from Léa Courtois Dakpa: Hunger striker for Palestine in Amygdaleza

“It is no surprise that I am the only person from the case of the 9 international European prisoners left in Amygdaleza. This decision by the Greek state is both racially and politically charged. I am the last remaining person committed to the struggle, the one still standing firm on the path of resistance.

When an empire feels itself collapsing, it attacks as a last-ditch survival instinct. We are witnessing this in Gaza today, where the Zionists, sensing their impending defeat, are intensifying their attacks on civilians, shelling their tents. But despite eight months of genocide, the resistance remains strong, still capable of taking soldiers hostage and firing rockets at Tel Aviv.

Likewise, the Greek state’s decision to release the remaining 8 except for me is a proof of its weakness. Thank you for that, as it reveals their inability to retaliate against a person who is resolute in their political beliefs and tactics of resistance.

I am continuing my hunger strike and will not break until my demands are met.


Léa Courtois Dakpa
27/5/2024, Amygdaleza Concentration Camp


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