Mr.Djiselbloem  sent a letter to the Finance Ministers of the Eurozone informing them that the Eurogroup, which is scheduled for Sept.12, will be discussing the latest developments in Greece.

In the same document, the president states that Greece must honour all its obligations, and it will be held responsible for any delays due to the elections. Mr.Djiselbloem has asked for the Greek subject to be discussed first. The aspects that will come under scrutiny are: the situation in Greece after the vote for the third memorandum as well as the call for snap elections. The letter also talks about the first payment of 26bn. and the 3bn. that still remain to be paid to the country. It clarifies that this amount will only be paid when a complete  “compliance to the application of the prior actions” is ascertained.

The letter notes the wide support of the Greek parliament to the 3rd memorandum and the fact that three different “packages” of reforms have already been voted, considering them “signs that the loan from the ESM has wide political support in Greece”. On the other hand ,it is clarified that unless all other prior actions are completed, no other installment will be made.