A Ministerial cover-up for a Minister

Minister of Justice Charalampos Athanasiou returned to the High Court prosecution documents that demanded immunity lifting of Minister of State Giannis Michelakis. Jailed Anastasios Pallis’s confiscated archive provides condemning data, including politicians’ names.


Express solution for irregular homes and illegal land acquisitions

The loose end of illegally acquired public land is being tied. A new bill allows for squatted land, initially owned by the state, as well as homes built irregularly, even on the coastline to be bought by the squatters. This will bring income to the state of around 250-300 million euros.


“Small” PPC, Big Crime

Plans to chop the Public Power Corporation (DEI) into pieces and pass them on to private entities, including 30% of natural gas, hydro and steam run powerplants, but also coal run plants and untouched coal reserves, are now discussed officially. Questions are raised about the reasoning as well as the day after, especially in today’s gritty financial climate.




Wolfgang Schaeuble: Complacency is dangerous

“The main danger is complacency”, stated the German Finance Minister who, talking to Kathimerini, expressed satisfaction with the country’ reentering the markets. Mr Schaueble foresees a gradually increasing access to the international markets but warns that it will take time and that the country “needs to stay on the right track”. He also expressed his faith in the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and the Greek Minister of Finance, Yiannis Stournaras. 


Dilemmas, internal strife and backstabbing

  • Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is contemplating between steering New Democracy towards the center and making a right-wing turn.
  • SYRIZA’s leader Alexis Tsipras is haunted by his party’s internal strife between the Europe-centrics and those who support a return to the drachma.