Sabiha caught between SYRIZA and the Turkish consulate

A new own goal in Thrace with the European elections ballot

SYRIZA scored another own goal with the withdrawal of the Roma muslim candidate Sabiha Suleiman from the party’s ballot for the European elections. The 38year old activist, speaking to TA NEA said that she was up against ‘agents of the Turkish consulate.’


The news we didn’t learn

For five days a blaze at Hellenic Petroleum was covered up

A blanket of silence covered a serious incident when malodorous smoke and the by-products of burning fuel were emitted from the Hellenic Petroleum fuel refinery.  Residents of the area spoke of thousands of cubic meters of smoke being released into the atmosphere and of a pungent odor of fuel and gas which blanketed the surrounding area of Elefsina and entered people’s homes. On Friday morning there was another accident involving a fire in a fuel tank.


Hydrocarbons: a series of tests in western Greece by the ENEL Group

The largest provider of services in the energy sector in seven countries, in which it has established subsidiaries, has chosen Greece to conduct explorations for hydrocarbon reserves. Specifically Italy’s Enel Group submitted to the Environment and Energy Ministry three applications for oil and natural gas explorations in three areas of western Greece and Epirus under the procedure of immediate expression of interest. According to information the interest of the Italian group is based on the geological similarity of the regions with other areas in Italy and Albania where it has performed successful test drills.




Samaras: Without loans from 2015

“We will be able to pay our debts by ourselves, without loans,”

The Prime Minister has sent the message that from 2015 Greece will no longer need external loans to pay off its debts, while today Eurostat is to verify the primary surplus which opens the road to a lightening of the debt. In an interview with Bloomberg Mr Samaras stated that, “We expect that in 2015 we will not only have a primary surplus, but a fiscal surplus. This means that we will be able to pay off our debts ourselves without borrowing. There are very few European countries which do anything similar today.” According to the government’s calculations, the primary surplus in 2015 will be 5.9 billion euros while the cost of interest payments will be 5.8 billion euros, or potentially even less.

At the same time Mr Samaras projected a message of political stability in light of the European elections. The Prime Minister ruled out the possibility that the result of the elections would destabilize the government, saying that political developments could occur “if we lose by a wide margin in the next elections but that is not likely to happen.”


Tsipras: Merkel or SYRIZA

Syria’s chemical weapons must be kept away from Crete; the process of destroying the arsenal in the Mediterranean must be stopped. [EC President Jose Manuel] Barroso should take them to his own home. Health care in Rethymno is a bombed out wasteland, the regional hospital is collapsing. The SYRIZA president also visits Rethymno’s community clinics. Today there will be an open event at 8pm in Ierapetra. Prior to the event Tsipras will visit Neapolis, Ag. Nikolaos, Sitia and Makrigialos.

A… ‘thank you’ to Schaeble for the truths that escaped him and made clear the central question regarding the elections. “With Merkel or with SYRIZA,” Alexis Tsipras declared from Chania. “We are ready to take on the responsibility of governing Greece for the people to dynamically take center stage,” Mr Tsipras declared, stressing that the programme of radical changes being proposed by SYRIZA has at its epicenter people of labour and is steadfastly opposed to cronyism and the political-economic oligarchy.

Referring to Crete he stressed that it must not be given as bounty to big interests. On the contrary the enormous potential of the agribusiness sector must be utilized, to connect the culture and productivity of its interior with tourism, to utilize its scientific and academic strengths, and protect its environment. Crete, launching the fundamental change with the election of M Kritsotakis as Regional Governor, can once again become the dynamic economy which we all admired.