Protection with a 200,000 euro limit

Umbrella of protection from home auctions for 90% of mortgage holders


  • Minimum payments must be made from 10% of income
  • Households with up to €35,000 income are protected
  • Mortgages frozen for the unemployed and impoverished

Thousands of families suffering due to the crisis will be spared from home repossessions and auctions, and will keep their houses. A way out is given for mortgage holders unable to make their payments, provided it is for their primary residence and its ‘official’ value [a value set by the state that because of the crisis often exceeds the real value of the property] does not surpass €200,000, family yearly income is no more than €35,000 with a total wealth that does not surpass €270,000. There is a provision for deposits and the percentage of payments to be made for the duration of the suspension of home auctions.



Serious Errors from the Troika

Euro-parliament report identifies mistakes over Greece and other countries

The writers of the report released by the European parliament regarding the record and role of the troika have recommended that the fiscal targets should be changed and austerity lightened for Memorandum countries such as Greece, due to the fact that the recession has proved far more severe than initially predicted.

According to a draft of the report seen by “K,” the troika is charged with being at times dysfunctional and for making mistakes and ultimately serious miscalculations such as the deep recession, the large rise in unemployment and the increase in public debt as a percentage of GDP, despite the fiscal adjustment program.

Furthermore it is recommended that a European Monetary Fund be established (with the goal of the gradual withdrawal of the IMF), there be an increase in the troika’s accountability and a change in the Eurogroup’s decision making process. The report also recommends the inclusion of social welfare groups in the development of current and future programs. The report however is not binding for governments. 


Glezos on Golden Dawn: “Why I voted ‘no’ over cutting their state funding”

Manolis Glezos, the Syriza MP [and famed anti-Nazi resistance figure] defied his party’s line and voted against the suspension of Golden Dawn’s state funding. Immediately following the vote speaking to parliamentary reporters he said, “Those who would betray christian principles, those who would pervert the legacy of the Ancient Greeks and all those who want the dismantling of Greek society, we don’t fight with decisions, but politically. We do not fight them as they would like us to.”

15 MPs abstained from the vote which passed with an overwhelming majority, citing various reasons including tiredness and other serious commitments.




First profiteers, then… clients

Hedge funds accused of ballooning Greek public debt and who last year gained 2 billion euros from the bond buy-back scheme are now being courted by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund which is looking to sell them the country’s ‘silver’ as it struggles to raise 11 billion by 2016. 


New names linked to the mammoth bribes!

Kantas  – the link between Akis and Giannos – is starting to… ‘sing’

New incendiary evidence of 10 offshore companies and bank accounts used to move dirty money

Kantas is gambling on remorse and cooperation gaining him the same treatment given to Nikos Zigras [Zigras was an important witness in the trial against former minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos, agreeing to testify against him in exchange for lenient sentencing]. The former No. 3 procurement official is offering major new revelations over the 1996-2002 procurement programs.