The industry sends out an SOS for the price of the electricity


The domestic industry sounds the alarm once more calling the government to intervene and reduce the energy cost.



Revelations on how prisons work

The depositions of the guards shed light on the anarchy that prevails in the Korydallos prison. The guards largely admit that they were doing favours to the serial killer [Christodoulos Xiros, the convicted member of 17 November terrorist organization who fled prison] because they were afraid that if they didn’t, his friends would cause them… trouble in prison!


Empty pockets and more austerity

We cut on everything to survive but our lenders sing the same old song
Consumption fell by €3.7 bn in one quarter
The troika demands measures of 3 more bn euros in 2014


Milk and medicine: The cartels of high prices

27.6% more for over the counter medicine
38% premium on fresh milk
The government attempts to reform the legislation related to the rules of trade for milk and medicine but faces resistance from members of the cabinet. 


Nikaia General Hospital: “Good luck to all”

With a letter to directors and heads of departments, the Committee for Hospital Infections of the General Hospital of Nikaia sounds the alarm because of the huge shortages in nurses and healthcare materials, leaving the citizens’ health to chance.