All of the behind-the-scenes activity over the arrest of Nikos Maziotis

He was preparing to strike in the center of Athens

The Greek police believe that within July he was planning to carry out a new terror attack targeting an economic player in the country.

The hand-written plan of the terrorist which depicts the ‘attack plan’ in the center of the city.

The observation by cameras on the metro and by ‘teams’ of Anti-terrorist police who ‘swept’ the capital.

The police is searching for the hideout, his accomplices and his fugitive companion Pola Roupa. 


The 28 orders from the troika

They departed leaving behind work for the summer

The troika departed Athens leaving the government a list of 28 orders which must, together with the 6 previous demands, complete before the crucial negotiations in September. A month of hard work is how the Finance Ministry describe August, attempting to convince the other ministers to not be affected by the summer atmosphere.

The Finance Ministry insists on not referring to tax breaks, despite assurances to the contrary coming from the Prime Minister’s team. The lenders have scheduled their meeting for the second fortnight of September.


A debt restructuring on the condition of reforms

Brussels officials appear to be discussing a continuation of their oversight

Greece creditors are examining the possibility of connecting a debt reduction with demands for reforms in an attempt to continue their monitoring of the economic policies of the country even after the completion of the bailout program, according to statements made to the Wall St Journal by Brussels officials who took part in the negotiations. The goal is to maintain a sense of urgency over the achievement of targets. 


Minimum guaranteed poverty

Promises of social benefits together with a tax storm

The trap behind the promise for guaranteed income

How ‘Big Brother’ will operate

The imprisonment of citizens in conditions of absolute poverty and indeed without the possibility of exit is being offered by the government of Samaras – Venizelos with the public relations wrapping of the ‘minimum guaranteed income’. The pilot application of the program will begin in September in only certain areas where 20 million euros will be disbursed. At the same time all of the claimants will be under asphyxiating economic audits, while certain benefits which some already receive will be eliminated on a case by case basis.


Finally! Growth is here!

35,000 slot-machines are being installed by the Czechs in Greece!

Our country is being turned into a giant casino, impoverished and bankrupted Greeks are to be the prey of the gambling mafia

Finally the much advertised growth is beginning which had been promised to the people by Evangelos Venizelos and Antonis Samaras! From the first of October, Greece will turn into a giant casino, given that the Czechs of OPAP [a Czech fund is a major stakeholder in the formerly state-owned OPAP – a football pools and lottery company] completed the legal and technical procedures to install 35,000 slot machines!

Surpassing even the outer limits of sordidness the government is pushing the dejected society which numbers 2 million unemployed into legalised gambling as if illegal gambling was not enough. The consequences from this development are expected to be dramatic, but no one who is responsible is moved, given that priority is given to the profits of the Czechs of OPAP.