At each others’ throats over COSCO

Even the HRADF questions the legality of the ‘friendly settlement’

The HRADF representative at the Piraeus Port Authority resigned

The newly elected mayor Yiannis Moralis to visit the PM

The relationship between the government and the Hellenic Asset Development Fund has soured over the insistence from the Prime Minister’s office to approve the ‘friendly settlement’ for piers in Piraeus. The organisation which is responsible for the sell off of public assets notes that the Chinese company is obtaining a dominant role in the port, threatening to sabotage the ongoing tenders. [The 'friendly settement' opens the way for a 230 million euro investment by Cosco and restricts the expanse of the port available for sale by the HRADF].




IMF: Salary reductions led to a fall in productivity

The international organisation admits how the policy that was implemented was problematic

Once again the IMF has openly admitted errors in the policies which were followed in the Eurozone periphery and particularly in Greece, confessing that the austerity measures do not appear to have had the desired benefits, and in particular during a period when the number of is growing of economists as well as American media outlets that believe that the Fund owes Greece an apology for the harsh policies of austerity which were implemented. Yesterday’s reference appears to surpass earlier such admissions, given that the conclusion of a report by the IMF bluntly admits the catastrophic experimental policies that were adopted, stating that the fiscal adjustment and the large wage cuts which were implemented in Greece did not improve competitiveness and caused a much more significant fall in productivity, in complete contrast with the initial predictions. 


The debt is at 174% of GDP after the ‘success story’

The latest data from Eurostat for the Greek debt is frightening given that during the rule of the Samaras – Venizelos coalition government it reached 174% of GDP while George Papandreou signed the Memorandum when it was at only 124%! And all of this when after 6 years of recession the county continues to have one of the lowest productivity indexes, over taxation, negligible immediate investment and record-high unemployment. 


In the Civil Service and Local Government

A ‘white strike’ over evaluations

Editorial: Cool heads desired

The implementation of evaluations for employees in the public sector is an obvious prerequisite for its modernisation and it is wrong of some to connect it to the Memorandum and the demands of the troika.

It is wrong of the unionist leadership of the sector to insist on trench warfare, rejecting the very principle of evaluations, without focusing on specific gaps in the legislation in order to achieve improvements. 


A new measure/gift to shipowners

They are redividing the subsidy ‘pie’ over the so-called unprofitable lines (Agones grammes)

A provocative amendment in the Tourism bill which is being debated by the competent parliamentary committee would allow owners of ferry lines to withdraw from long term contracts servicing the so-called 'unprofitable lines' without any cost and at the same time be released from their contractual obligation to renew the fleet that service these lines.

At the same time the evidence is growing which show repeated mechanical faults in the ships which serve the routes with a danger to the lives of the ship-workers and passengers.