Forests construction-ready

  • The opposition and scientific and environmental groups demand withdrawal of the draft forestry legislation
  • Accusations are made that it serves large interests
  • A New Democracy MP talks of unconstitutional articles

The opposition and scientific and environmental groups have described the forestry draft legislation as a bill to turn forests into building sites. The Environment Ministry considers forest ecosystems as building plots to be exploited, stresses the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece (GEOTEE) while WWF Greece states that it is a bill that will allow unrestrained construction in forests.




A €20 billion package for agricultural subsidies

How the new CAP [Common Agricultural Policy] will be disbursed

The new paper for agricultural subsidies worth €20 billion for the period 2015-2020 was presented yesterday to parliament by the Minister of Agricultural Development G. Karasmanis. New farmers in particular benefit from the new CAP.




They’re looking at numbers while people are dying

Shock and horror over the murderous electricity cut-off

They reconnect the electricity… after the death of the 56-year-old!

All of Greece is shocked over the murderous, for the 56-year old tetraplegic Cretan, electricity cut-off. A cut-off that occurred due to the non-payment of bills and the ‘haratsi’ [a form of property tax] worth 800 euros. Now, of course, everyone is shedding crocodile tears and declaring their ignorance over the issue. In reality the irresponsible, responsible parties are attempting, just like those in power, to hide the fact that the lives of all the people of this country are disposable, all – according to the perceptions of those governing – can be sacrificed in order for the continued implementation of the murderous for the country financial ‘bailout program’. 


500 immigrants have died in the Mediterranean since the start of the year

The Greek police catch refugees from Syria!

A plea is made to retrieve the bodies from the Samos shipwreck.


A wedding in Greece is a dream for people around the world

Thousands of young couples, mainly from China, India and Russia but also from the UK and the US come to get married in Greece. Santorini, Crete and Rhodes ‘sank’ this year as well under the weight of couples who exchanged vows of eternal loyalty under the unique light.