Greece – Ivory Coast: 2-1

What Portugal, What Brazil…

Two injuries, three posts and a ‘golden goal’ in the 93rd minute.

Greece deservedly in the final 16 of the World Cup and to play Costa Rica.


My God, you are Greek!

One, only and just, and you sent my proud country to the ‘16’ of the World Cup for the first time in history.

Greece – Ivory Coast: 2-1

Countrymen, smile, celebrate, be joyful, go crazy for the heroes who qualified like Greeks.

The lethal right foot of Samaras executed the Ivory Coast in extra time, providing justice and sending a whole country delirious.

Three posts and two forced substitutions didn’t break the Greek spirit.

Costa Rica, get ready. On Sunday in Recife we set course for the ‘8’ because that’s the way we like it. 



In this match they were calling Greece, ‘Brazil’

In an incredible thriller of a match 2-1 against Ivory Coast

2014 just like 2004 – crazy parties.




2-1 against the coast and… delirium

The English, Spanish and Italians are going home, but we have a date on Sunday with Costa Rica in Recife and we are on our way for the ‘8’.

It is not an epic, it is not a miracle, it is reality. With GREAT FOOTBALL from our internationals in the best match of the final stage of the great competition. 


Greece is in the ‘16’ for the first time in the World Cup

With a successful penalty taken by Georgios Samaras in extra time of the match, the Greeks beat Ivory Coast 2-1 and succeeded for the first time in qualifying for the final 16 of the World Cup, securing second place in its group. On Sunday the team will face Costa Rica in a knock-out match.