2 billion is the price for the site of the former airport at Hellinikon

The financial offer of Lamda Development for the site of the former airport at Hellinikon was unsealed and, as expected, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) requested the Latsis controlled group to submit an improved offer by Wednesday the 26th of March 2014. According to sources the amount offered in total is in the region of 2 billion and is considered a satisfactory starting point for negotiations. 


A Dividend of 500-1000 euros

Depending on children and income

The one-off support payment made possible by the primary surplus will be made with the sole criteria being income and number of dependents. The minimum support payment is 500 euros which may increase to up to 1000 euros depending on income and the number of children of the beneficiary. Property and other assets will also be taken into account. 


A cover-up by law of immigrant tragedies like Farmakonisi

According to an amendment that was withdrawn and then re-submitted, irregular immigrants who make allegations of wrongdoing against the authorities risk deportation. Government spokesperson Yiannis Michelakis admitted to the legal manipulation: “Who would want our Coast Guard to be prey to unfounded, ill-intentioned and targeted accusations against them?” SYRIZA has demanded a withdrawal of the shameful amendment. Amnesty International: secure safe and legal entry routes to stop the drownings.


Water: 1.8 million say ‘No’ to privatization

The 1.8 million European citizens who have signed a petition demanding the European Commission recognize water as a human right and not as a tradeable good, are exerting enormous pressure on the Commission to exempt water – and the public suppliers of water – from the new trade agreement being drawn up with the USA and Canada. 


Exhibition: Medical mysteries from 33 centuries ago

Which illnesses troubled the ancient Greeks? With what medical knowledge did they combat them? The answers will be given at a major new exhibition in the Museum of Cycladic Art.