REAL (Sunday)

The Hellinikon site: How they brought down the price

In March of 2013 the minimum reasonable price for the site was estimated to be 1.239 billion euros by an independent agency for Hellinikon S.A.

The recent low offer of Lamda Development, and where that sets the bar for the Hellenic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) prior to the new offer by the Latsis controlled group which is expected on Wednesday.

The strange connections between the architect Norman Foster of the company seeking the site and a consulting firm advising the HRADF.

TO VIMA (Sunday)

We are back in Europe!

Everything changes following the deal with the troika

A return to the markets; debt reduction on the table; an end to privileges; businesses receive a boost; oversight and rescue of the banks by the ECB; pensions and wages under the microscopes; behind the scenes of the battle with the troika and the struggle between the powerful.


Jihadi fighters from Albania and Western Europe are travelling to Syria through Greece

Fanatical muslims are setting off from Albania and Western European countries to join the rebels fighting against the forces of the Assad regime. Alarm has been raised among Greek authorities following the arrest of a French citizen in the Northern Evros border region with military equipment hidden in his truck.


An International outcry:

The same people who cut the water to Gaza want the Thessaloniki Water Supply Company (EYATH)!

A global campaign has been launched by international environmental organizations against the Israeli company Mekorot who is ‘asking’ for EYATH and is accused of imposing a water ‘apartheid’ in Palestine.

TA NEA (Monday)

The Achelous River file: 635,000,000 million euros of diversions

To date work to alter the course of the Achelous river has cost a  total of 635 million euros. Almost 340 million euros has come from the relevant ministries while another 295 million euros has been spent by the Public Power Corporation.

[The Achelous River Diversion project was begun in the 1980s. It involves the construction of four large dams in order to divert the river to help irrigate the cotton crops in the plains of Thessaly. The project has faced massive delays and is the source of much controversy with many believing it to be a huge waste of state funds that can not be justified by the supposed benefits. However despite the huge cost and delays, the project has yet to be scrapped.]