The government is open on three fronts:

Milk, pharmaceuticals and now taxis!

A head-on confrontation with taxi drivers over new reforms affecting the profession
Pharmacies are shutting over opening hours and cooperatives
A war over… 7 days from dairy farmers for the milk market

The government is facing opposition on three fronts: aside from milk producers and pharmacists, a confrontation is brewing with taxi owners who are affected by structural reforms included in the draft legislation to implement the troika-demanded reforms. In all cases the new reforms are designed to liberalize the professions.  


Hellinikon former airport: they’re chopping it up to sell it for huge profits

Today is the lottery draw for the Hellinikon site, with the Hellenic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) not considering a bid from Lamda Development lower than 700 million euros. A price that, however, is significantly lower than the evaluation of 1.239 billion euros. Loopholes will give Lamda the ability to resell a part (or parts) of the site to fund construction of the project, more than covering the cost of the bid and reaping rewards. Such an outcome would be against the public interest.




A vote of confidence from foreign investors in Alpha Bank and Piraeus Bank

Recapitalisation targets are more than met – 2.95 billion euros raised

The broad interest shown by foreign investors in the effort by Alpha Bank to raise 1.2 billion euros of capital and Piraeus Bank 1.75 billion euros (total 2.95 billion euros) can be seen as a clear vote of confidence from foreign investors. According to reports, the offers accepted by Piraeus have surpassed 2.2 billion euros versus the target of 1.75 billion euros while for Alpha Bank offers reached 2.5 billion euros versus the target of 1.2 billion euros.

For Piraeus Bank the percentage owned by the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) will fall to 65% while that of investors will rise to 35%.
For Alpha Bank the percentage owned by the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) will fall to 67% while that of investors will rise to 32%.


Thessaloniki excavations to cost 134 million euros

The archaeological excavations of sites uncovered by construction of the Thessaloniki Metro will have cost 134 million euros and lasted a decade when they end in 2016. It is unprecedented for a public or private excavation – the excavations for the Athens Metro lasted for five years. Noteworthy is also the monumental budget for the excavations which, when they are completed, will reach and surpass those for the New Acropolis Museum.




The Americans shot down MH 370

The hijackers were flying directly towards the American base of Diego Garcia in the South Indian Ocean

They delayed the announcement for so long because the secret services have been monitoring the accomplices of the two pilots and the hijackers

The Americans shot down the Malaysia Airlines Boeing into the Indian Ocean shortly before it reached the nerve center of the military base which was the hijacker’s target.

The mystery of the airplane’s disappearance began to be solved following the careful announcement of the Prime Minister of Malaysia which came after intense pressure from foreign media and the reactions of the relatives of victims.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia carefully stated that the airplane was ‘lost’. He diligently avoided saying whether it had been destroyed, or whether its crash was due to a hijacking or mechanical failure.

Clearly the announcement came after instructions from the Americans who, for days now, have been muddying the waters by leaking unbelievable scenarios for the sole reason of gaining time to monitor those who they suspect were linked to the operation.