A tough message

New Democracy’s central candidates were defeated! SYRIZA did not achieve its targets outside of Attica.

Golden Dawn doubled its share of the vote in Athens with Ilias Kasidiari’s mayoral candidacy.

Predictions and exit polls fall wide of the mark.


A blue [New Democracy] lead; trouble for SYRIZA

  • New Democracy reinforced its position throughout the country except for the region of Attica, while almost all of the candidates supported by Tsipras fell short.
  • Landslide victories for Kahrimanis in Epirus, Agorastos in Thessaly, Bakoyiannis in Central Greece and Tatoulis in the Peloponnese.
  • Major victories from Dakis in Western Macedonia, Pavlidis in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Hatzimarkos in the Southern Aegean and Kalogirou in the Northern Aegean.
  • 12 New Democracy regional candidates are in the second round. SYRIZA is competing in just 2 regions.




The first step

[Syriza candidate] Rena Dourou comes first in the regional governor elections in Attica. Gavril Sakellaridis makes it to the second round of the Athens mayoral elections. Samaras’s Athens candidates are knocked out. For the first time there will be no New Democracy candidates in the second round elections in the most populous municipality and region in the country. Candidates supported by SYRIZA will be competing for five regions next Sunday. Alexis Tsipras: the european elections will be a referendum over the Memorandum and Greece’s voice in Europe. The road has opened for a new era. Samaras and Venizelos raise the spectre of government instability.

The exit polls for the European elections:

Kapa Research: SYRIZA 27.4% – New Democracy 22.7%


Seven critical days

The exit poll fiasco, the dilemmas of the second round and the ghost of early national elections

A critical seven day period is beginning following the first round of local elections in which citizens sent a message in favour of political stability, rejecting in effect the ‘referendum’ rhetoric of SYRIZA.

This was presaged by the the exit poll fiasco – which for two hours grossly inflated the percentage of the vote going to SYRIZA candidate Rena Dourou for Attica regional governor in the largest constituency in the country.

Syriza: Disappointment over its poor showing in the regional elections

Golden Dawn: Shock over the 16% of [mayoral candidate] Kasidiaris in Athens


A ‘Grand Con’ (Colpo Grosso) from foreign interests in capital share increases of the banks

The plan was staged to unfold on the eve of the elections

The game in the banks was clearly set up by foreign interests. With the banks in Greece informally going along with this game of profiteering – because they wanted to cover their capital needs. The smallholders were set up not to be destroyed but to follow their fate. The major foreign investment houses, in their efforts to perform a share capital increase of the Greek banks, supported the climate of euphoria with the aim, of course, of the rewards of 220-230 million euros which they received in the end without much effort. The foreigners weren’t guarantors or beneficiaries but simple consultants over the issuance and for their role received 220 with 230 million. However the true worth of their reward was much greater, if it is taken into account that they received shares in the banks on their books at prices lower than that offered in the share capital increase.