It is estimated that some 700 hundred refugees found unguarded points of entrance to FYROM and have crossed to the other side. It is however very difficult to stay hidden since the neighboring country has installed thermal cameras alongside its borders.
On Wednesday morning some 3.000 people were still at Idomeni, out of which 1.006 were transferred by 20 buses to facilities close to Thessaloniki. Some few busses also went to Larissa and Kilkis. Before the evacuation starts, about 8.500 people were still at the makeshift camp.
Alternate Minister of Immigration Policy Ioannis Mouzalas said refugees will be distributed all over Greece fairly.

During an interview on Thursday he added next priorities will be the evacuation of the port of Piraeus and the facilities of the old airport of Elliniko which according to the latest memorandum between Greece and its international creditors will have to be privatized immediately.

During the operation in Idomeni, only reporters and photojournalists from the state run ERT and the Athens news agency were allowed which caused an outrage against Greek government.