The MPs highlight two incidents:

Irini Loukatou’s dismissal

Irini Loukatou, the Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at “Elena El. Venizelou” General Hospital, which is affiliated with “Alexandra” General Hospital, was removed from her position by a party-appointed Deputy Governor without the necessary recommendation from the Director of the Medical Service. Despite a court ruling in her favour, the hospital’s administration replaced her with another individual, prompting Loukatou to issue an extrajudicial statement denouncing the decision as legally unfounded and politically motivated.

Dimitris Parthenis’s prosecution

Dimitris Parthenis, a vascular surgeon at the General Hospital of Trikala, has faced disciplinary action for opposing the hospital administration’s decision to integrate vascular patient care into the general surgery clinic—a move that contravenes clinical protocols and best practices. Parthenis has been subjected to punitive measures, including a 15-day salary suspension, for his objections.

Summary of the Question:

Topic: “Illegal appointments of supervisors and partisan and punitive prosecutions in the National Health System (ESY) continue”

The NHS, a key focus of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is in a critical state due to the government’s policies. Severe staff shortages threaten the health and safety of both patients and ESY workers. Despite attempts to undermine and privatise the health sector, the NHS continues to function thanks to the dedication of its overworked employees.

Recent incidents highlight the ongoing issues within the NHS and public administration:

1. Irini Loukatou’s dismissal:
Loukatou, a dedicated pediatrician/neonatologist/intensivist with 24 years of service, was dismissed without proper procedure. This politically motivated action undermines the ESY’s integrity and has been condemned by both the Federation of Hospital Doctors of Greece (OENGE) and the Athens and Piraeus Hospital Doctors Association (EINAP).

2. Dimitris Parthenis’ prosecution:
Parthenis has been targeted for his opposition to scientifically unsound administrative decisions. The hospital administration’s requirement for unnecessary approvals for the use of VAC devices and referrals undermines the specialised care provided by vascular surgeons, further endangering patient care.

The MPs’questions to the Minister of Health:

1. Are you aware of the cases involving the prosecution and disqualification of distinguished public officials within the ESY?
2. In the case of Irini Loukatou, are you aware that her removal was based on an illegal decision, despite a court ruling in her favour?
3. In the case of Dimitris Parthenis, are you aware of the decision to limit the autonomy of the vascular surgery speciality at Trikala General Hospital? Do you find it reasonable to require additional approvals for the use of VAC devices, undermining the medical judgment of the treating vascular surgeon?
4. What measures will you take to restore legality and address the partisan and vindictive disciplinary actions, ensuring similar issues do not arise in the future?

The MPs emphasise the importance of managing the ESY based on principles of good administration, equality, and meritocracy. They call for the Minister of Health to address these serious concerns and take immediate action to restore fairness and integrity within the ESY.


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