According to the law firm which represents the accused, “Institutional bodies that repeatedly misuse the law and violate legal statutes will be prosecuted through all legal avenues until they face the consequences.”

The firm’s press release specifically states: “Today, our client Mr. L.T. filed against the European Delegated Prosecutor and the Investigator for the pending European cases (who handle the well-known ERGOSE 717 Contract, which, just the day before yesterday, the Court of Auditors ruled for the umpteenth time as completely legal) a Petition/Complaint for the crime of abuse of power, a Disciplinary Report, a Request for Exemption, and Malpractice Proceedings. Judicial independence does not mean judicial arbitrariness. The innocent victims of the Tempe tragedy will not serve as an alibi or springboard for anyone’s expediency.”

A month and a half ago, European Prosecutor Laura Kovesi, speaking to STAR about the Tempi disaster, stressed that “they are blocking us from finding the truth by preventing us from conducting research.” She reiterated this point during her hearing before the competent committee of the European Parliament, referencing her annual report. Addressing the EP committee, Kovesi posed a rhetorical question: “How many tragedies like the one at Tempe need to happen for us to understand that corruption kills?” She emphasised that such incidents foster a “culture of impunity.”

“Ultimately, our sense of safety in society depends on how well judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and the police perform their duties and how the public perceives it. Are we independent or not, courageous or afraid?” Kovesi underlined. In response to a question from Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld, Kovesi stated that she has charged 23 people in relation to the 717 convention. She reiterated that she could not investigate former government ministers because of constraints imposed by Greek law.


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