Christos Konstantinidis, the husband of one of the accident victims, shared details from the report with a news portal. He emphasised that the report contains 30 conclusions which are expected to assist the investigative authorities in pursuing arson charges.

“We are prepared to confront any attempts of denial from the government. We await Mr. Mitsotakis’s response to the experts who have validated this final report and we expect Mr. Marinakis (the Government Spokesperson) to dismiss us as conspiracy theorists,” Konstantinidis stated. He added that a memorandum, along with the final report, will be submitted to the First Instance Prosecutor’s Office.

The report notably highlights that at least 16 passengers died because of the fire, with five victims found in a “boxer’s position”—a posture the human body assumes when one is burning alive.

Additionally, the report identifies improper loading of sheet metal in the commercial train’s wagons. This poor loading, combined with the braking, exacerbated the situation by causing the wagons to jam in multiple places, further aggravating the disaster.


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